6 Best Lingam Massage Oils And Gels (Brands I Rely On)

Lingam Massage Oils

Lingam massage (also called Tantric Lingam massage) is not only pleasurable, but it offers a range of therapeutic benefits for men.

If you’re going to perform a Lingam session for a client or partner, you’ll want to use appropriate oils or gels.

Many different types of suitable gels and oils exist on the market for Lingam, so knowing which ones are best can be a trial and error process.

Here’s a list of my personal favorite oils and gels for Lingam massage, with their pros and cons.

Best Lingam massage lubricants

Personal tip: I highly recommend using a massage sheet under your client before getting to work (it can get messy!).

The massage sheets I typically use for Lingam are these ones by Noverlife (they’re comfortable, fitted and disposable).

Now on to the oils and gels…

1. Mango-Scented Massage Gel (Maple Holistics Store)

This gel is a clear, mango-scented gel made of water-soluble extracts. Additionally, it is smooth, slippery, and uber-long lasting.

The best part is actually tastes like mango.


  • Smells and tastes like mango.
  • When applied to the skin, it provides a cooling sensation that is both refreshing and relaxing.


  • It can be messy and difficult to clean up afterwards.


Order Mango-Scented Massage Gel here.

2. Nuru Massage Therapy Powder (EroticGel)

While intended for nuru, this product is excellent for Lingam massage.

This therapy powder is a seaweed and green tea-based product made in Japan. It’s claimed to be paraben and glycerine free and makes 5.28 gallons when mixed with water. According to the manufacturer, this powder can help to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and ease muscle pain. Additionally, it is claimed to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and scars.


  • Odourless
  • Very effective at reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity.


  • Some reviewers have found that the powder can dry the skin and is expensive.

Price: $25.95

Order Nuru Massage Therapy Powder here.

3. Vanilla Massage Oil with Fractionated Coconut (Nooky)

The Nooky brand of vanilla and fractionated coconut oil is arguably one of the best brands I’ve used.

First of all, it’s the best smelling oil on the market, in my opinion. This one hydrates the skin really well and doesn’t dry out quickly. You don’t feel oily and gross after using it either.


  • Smells incredible
  • Remains on and doesn’t dry out
  • Pleasant taste


  • Widespread reports of oil leakage and broken seals (I have not experienced this myself)

Price: $18

Order Vanilla & Fractionated Coconut Oil here.

4. Sakura Edition Nuru Gel Powder (EroticGel)

Another great nuru gel that feels incredible doing Lingam.

This Japanese lubricant provides a slippery, sensual experience during sex. The gel is made from Nori seaweed and is said to be odourless, tasteless, and non-staining.


  • Some reviewers rave about the slippery texture and say it makes for a more enjoyable sexual experience.


  • Some reviewers found the gel too thick and difficult to clean up afterwards.

Price: $28

Order Sakura Edition Nuru Gel Powder here.

5. Oil of Love Raspberry Kiss (Kama Sutra)

The Kama Sutra line has always been a favorite for Lingam massage.

After many years, they’ve perfected the oil texture for sensual techniques and the smell is divine. It’s not too overpowering. It also tastes great if you’re including some oral work in your session.

Comes in rasberry, strawberry and vanilla (vanilla’s the best, in my opinion).


  • Smell (and flavor) is wonderful and not too strong.


  • Can get quite sticky after a while.
  • Not as good as the original Kama Sutra product.

Price: $14

Order Oil of Love here.

6. Passion Massage Oil (Brookethorne Naturals)

A little pricier than the others but an excellent, natural oil choice that I love to use.

The Passion oils have a perfect glide, making them an ideal Lingam lubricant.

Comes in either tropical or lemon.


  • 100% natural (jojoba, almond and grapeseed).
  • Glide’s well.


  • Some reports of the oil drying too quickly which I have not experienced.

Price: $30

Order a bottle of Passion Massage oil here.

What is lingam massage and how is it beneficial?

As a massage therapist specializing in Lingam massage, I’m passionate about the profound benefits this practice brings to my clients. Rooted in ancient Indian Tantra, a Lingam massage focuses on male genitalia, aiming to promote relaxation, improve sexual health, and enhance overall well-being.

I expect the client to be aroused but the goal is not climax.

I love applying gentle strokes, pressure points, and attentive touch, knowing that it provides physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. It’s rewarding to witness the release of pent-up tension, improved blood circulation, and stimulation of sexual energy flow throughout the body.

At times we may incorporate the prostate but only if the client is comfortable with it.

One of the most gratifying aspects of my work is fostering self-awareness, intimacy, and trust between partners. Teaching men to control their arousal and deepen their connection with their bodies positively impacts their sex lives, making them more satisfying and fulfilling. The transformative power of Lingam massage inspires me daily, and I’m proud to share this life-enhancing practice with my clients.

Look at this testimonial from a recent client (38 year old married male):

After receiving a lingam massage, I can’t help but share the incredible benefits I’ve experienced.

The practitioner used a combination of strokes, pressure points and touch. I felt a release of pent-up tension and noticed an improvement in blood circulation, while my sexual energy flowed more freely throughout my body. I resisted as long as possible, but in the end came twice.

The lingam massage increased my self-awareness and trust in my partner, and taught me to better control my arousal and ejaculation timing. As a result, my sex life has become more satisfying and fulfilling. I truly believe that this practice has been a game-changer for me.


In conclusion, Lingam is one of the most underrated and misunderstood massage forms.

It’s not enough to simply call it a handjob or ‘happy ending’.

Lingam is an artform.

While there are excellent products for those looking to add an extra level of sensual stimulation to their massage experience, the perfect Lingam session depends on the right oils or gels.

Some are odourless and tasteless, others aren’t.

Hopefully, my suggestions above give you some good ideas for your next session.

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